Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Why accountants don’t run startups sllc

1. Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups Steve BlankStanford - School of EngineeringU.C. Berkeley - Haas School Of Businesswww.steveblank.comTwitter: sgblank 2. I Drew ThisCustomerCustomer…

How to Successfully Scale Your Startup

Learn how to scale your startup and you’ll be putting yourself in position for success. for more visit

5 Lessons For Entrepreneurs

You learn some pretty hard lessons in 20 years of entrepreneurship. Hopefully, you can avoid some of my mistakes by reading this presentation.

The Art of Picking a Co-founder

People love the notion of the sole innovator, but this notion is wrong. Successful companies are usually started, and become successful, with the contributions of at least…

25 Entrepreneurs Tell What They Wished They’d Known before Founding Their First Startup

Cart abandonment recovery software: Together with the folks at Grasshopper, we’ve put together a SlideShare presentation with advice from 25 entrepreneurs…

10 Disruptive Quotes for Enterpreneurs

People think that innovation happens by sitting around with your buddies and letting magical ideas pop into your head. Or, your customers tell you exactly what they need,…

The 10 Year Project

1. What we’ve learned from 10 years and over 300 investments.© 2015 First Round Capital 2. We believe that seed investing is much more an art than…

Silicon Valley Startup Guide by KOTRA

코트라 실리콘밸리 무역관 (KOTRA Silicon Valley)에서 발간한 한국판 실리콘밸리 스타트업 바이블입니다. 본 자료를 통하여 실리콘 밸리…

What's a good startup ? - Founder and Investor Point of View

What's a Good Startup ? Tips from Jeremie Berrebi, Angel investor in 300+ companies and Founder/Cofounder of 11 companies

What 33 Successful Entrepreneurs Learned From Failure

Entrepreneurs encounter failure often. Successful entrepreneurs overcome failure and emerge wiser. We've taken 33 lessons about failure from Brian Honigman's article…

Startups: Go Local or Go Global? (ArabNet Dubai, June 2014)

slides from my talk on "Startups Going Global" at ArabNet Dubai (June 2014)

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